Terms of Service

Thank you for being interested in commissioning me! The best way to reach me is to email me at keeillustration[at]gmail.com.

By requesting a commission, you certify that you have read, understood and agreed to my TOS.
You also
agree and affirm that you are at least 18 years old.


The following is Keedot's (also referred to as “the artist”, “artist”, “me” or “I”) Terms of Service for personal use, non-commercial work.

Any commercial inquiries must be sent to keeillustration[at]gmail.com.

“Client” refers to the person who has sent payment. Where there are multiple character owners per image, but only one payee, all terms and rights defined in the general section of this agreement apply to all character owners.


I- General:

1) All business will be conducted through e-mail at keeillustration@gmail.com. I will not discuss commissions via personal note, instant messenger, or public forum.

2) You will receive email updates on your commission when substantial progress has been made, or otherwise when necessary. You are encouraged to check in when you feel it necessary for updates, assurance, reminders, or questions.

3) I reserve the right to showcase all commissioned work on any of my personal websites and galleries. For time-sensitive work (birthday gifts, anniversaries, etc.), I may delay public showcase at your request. I will not accept commissions intended to stay private forever or for an indefinite amount of time.

4) I retain all the rights to the commissioned artwork, including the right to make prints and merchandise for sale, to include it in image packs, and to alter the commissioned work to make it more generic for print if I choose. If you do not wish your commission used for prints, you must tell me BEFORE everything’s settled.

5) Clients retain all rights to their own characters. This does not mean you own the copyright to the image (see point 4). The commissioner may arrange to purchase rights, either select or in full, for a fee to be worked out on an individual basis.

6) Clients may not profit from commissioned artwork under any circumstances. This includes the sale of the digital file in image packs, as prints, merchandise, etc..

7) Clients may create prints for personal use (to display in their home). Clients may also crop the artwork to create icons, wallpapers, or other graphics to be used non-commercially, but may not alter the artwork itself. You are free showcase the artwork in your personal website or gallery so long as I am credited as the artist, and so long as it is not any high-resolution or un-watermarked version of the work.

8) Client may not pay, trade services, barter or consult with another artist to edit the piece in any manner. My signature may NOT be cropped or otherwise obstructed. Exceptions to this rule are icons and banners for use on websites, due credit is still due in the comments.
**Clients needing edits due to character changes/redesign are more than welcome to contact me. A revision fee at the artist’s discretion applies to update the character depicted.*

9) I grant clients rights to issue takedown requests against third parties, whose characters are not depicted in the image.

10) I may turn down requests to draw a character that does not belong entirely to the client. If you ask me to draw someone else's character, I may ask that the owner contact me and give me permission to do so, and they must understand at least the general idea of what's being drawn. If the commission is intended to be a surprise or gift, I may refuse if I have any suspicion the character is being used without the owner's consent or otherwise against their wishes.

II- Payment:

1) Prices, including any quotes given, are non-negotiable. I do not accept trades for services. Payment will be accepted in USD only; at this time, payment may only be made via PayPal.

2) Once you are prompted to pay, commissions must be paid for in full within 48 hours of invoicing. Additional time may be allowed in the event of uncontrollable circumstances, but the client must contact the artist in such event. After the initial and any additional allotted time, I will attempt to contact you and may cancel the commission due to lack of payment in the event of no response.

3) Payment plans are only available for commissions totalling $250 or higher. Commissions under $250 must be paid in full. Work will not begin until I have been paid in full, including payment plans. No exceptions.

5) Price-quotes given for work to be commissioned at a later date will only be valid for 3 months (90 days) from the time they are given. Beyond that, a commission's price will be re-negotiated with the client at the time the work is commissioned.

6) I will INVOICE you, please do not send payment without an invoice. Any money sent to me that comes without me invoicing you first will be considered a gift, tip or donation.

III- Revisions and Delivery:

1) Sketches, badges and small commissions such as icons do not have an approval stage. You may request minor tweaks if I missed any distinguishing features present in your reference (markings, jewelry, etc.)

2) For larger commissions:

-A total of two large edits (reposing, etc.) is allowed during the sketch phase; I reserve the right to add a $10 usd charge per each further change after this.

-No major edits such as reposing will be made after the sketch has been approved.

-No minor edits, such as expressions, will be made to the inks after they have been approved for coloring.

-No major edits, such as changing spots to stripe patterns, will be made to the colors after the image is approved for shading and finishing.

3) I will gladly fix any color errors on your character; please, let me know if I have made any mistakes. Anything that needs to be fixed on "my mistake" (on your reference(s) and I missed it) will always be fixed for free.

4) Upon completion, you will receive both a small web-copy of your commission, for sharing, as well as a higher resolution copy, for personal viewing. Both files will be in .PNG format.

IV- Refunds, Cancellations, and Refusals:

1) General refund rules;
-If the client cancels their commission after payment, but before work has begun, you will be refunded, but I will retain 5% of the total cost of the commission as a convenience fee.
-If the client cancels after work has begun, a refund will be issued, minus the amount of work already completed.
-Refunds, full or partial, will not be issued once the work has been completed.  
-When a commission is cancelled before it's complete, the client may keep the incomplete art. I still hold copyright to the art, and leftover art may not be altered or completed by anyone else without the artist's permission as outlined in the General section.

2) I reserve the right to cancel and issue a refund at any time, for any reasons including but not limited to:
-Rude or inappropriate behavior.

-Poor communication or failure to communicate in effective English/Spanish.

-Unforeseen inability to complete the commission.

If the artist cancels, a full refund will be issued to the client.
I reserve the right to reuse any base sketches as “pre-poses”. The client loses all rights to the art as is once the refund has been issued.

3) Non-Response: If, after 3 weeks of sending an inquiry, I am waiting for but have not received a reply from the client, the commission may be put on hold, and I will make repeated attempts to re-establish contact. When contact is reestablished, one of the following will apply;
-If it has been more than 6 weeks since last hearing from you, I reserve the right to cancel and refund the commission, while retaining a 15% convenience fee.

-If the absence was due to uncontrollable circumstance (e.g., natural disasters or severe weather), and/or we are both both happy to continue working together, there will be no penalty. Please notify the artist if you will be out of touch for personal or other reasons.

4) Even for commissions that are not cancelled, I may recycle sketches/thumbnails that were rejected by the client for other works.

V- What I Will and Will Not Draw

 I WILL draw:
Any rating from G to adult, save for content mentioned as "Will Not Draw". All species of anthro, ferals/quads, all human(oids) and taurs. I will draw some fetishes, including bondage, Soft-vore, size-difference, Micro/Macro and others. Feel free to ask about other fetishes or themes.

 I will NOT draw:
Vehicles, hyper obese/muscle/genitalia, bodily functions (scat, urine, vomit), adults in diapers, minors in adult situations, hate art, bestiality, Non-con/Rape, Birthing/Unbirth. I also will NOT draw my characters in violent situations.
Please ask me if you have questions.

VII- Miscellaneous:

- Deadlines: Deadlines must be discussed prior to the artist accepting  your commission. The artist may apply rush fees at their discretion. I do not accept rush deadlines under two weeks notice.

-Tips: Are welcome and accepted! If the client wishes to include a tip for their commission they may ask for the artist’s paypal, tip-jar web page or ask that it be included in their invoice. Thank you!